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The Classroom Observation Tool is primarily used as a coaching tool to support the development of high-quality instruction in early childhood classrooms. The Tool is used to rate teachers' behavior and instruction during classroom observation visits spread over a full academic year. The Tool is aligned with the Texas Prekindergarten Guidelines.

Category: Schooling

Sub-Category: Teaching

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten

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The Cornell Cooperative Extension Parent Education Data Collection System is a tool used for Cornell Cooperative Extension parenting education classes. Items on the pre- and post- surveys are taken from national surveys such as the Three Cities Study and the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth to ensure validity and reliability. The instrument has been utilized to evaluate Home Visitation Programs, Incredible Years Program, Magic Years Program, and the Strengthening Families Program in New York state.

Category: Home and Community

Sub-Category: Parenting Attitudes and Behaviors

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