Multicultural Teaching Observation Instrument (MTOI)

The Multicultural Teaching Observation Instrument (MTOI) is a tool used to assess the types of multicultural teaching that takes places in the classroom setting. The MTOI is comprised of 18 items grouped into 3 categories, Teacher Support of Students, Classroom Equity, and Integration of Students' Culture.

The Teacher Support category measures a teachers' support of students as individuals and their culture. The Classroom equity category measures whether teachers are fair or equitable toward all students and the extent to which teachers try to reduce prejudice in the classroom. The integration of students' culture category examines examines the extent to which resources, materials, and practices that reflect multicultural teaching are used in the classroom. This category measures how well multicultural concepts are integrated into the classroom and the curriculum.


Culturally Responsive Teaching, Classroom Instruction
6th Grade,
7th Grade,
8th Grade

Administration Information

45-50 minutes

Access and Use

Open Access
Use in Research

O’Farrow, K. S. (2005). Examining multicultural education integration within an inservice and a lateral entry special education. [Doctoral dissertation, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte]. Proquest.…

Casto, A. R. (2019). Exploring elementary teachers' perceptions of multicultural education: A multiple case study. [Doctoral dissertation, The University of North Carolina at Charlotte]. Proquest.


Manual scoring
Psychometric References

Saldana, D. C., & Waxman, H. C. (1997). An observational study of multicultural education in urban elementary schools. Equity and Excellence in Education, 30(1), 40-46.

Psychometric Considerations

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