A developing library of educational measurement tools to support new knowledge and the improvement of educational opportunities.

EdInstruments Categories

  • Includes measurement tools on conventional academic areas: English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Language. Many of these instruments can be used to monitor students’ academic progress, provide continuous assessment, and identify gifted students and those experiencing delays.
  • Includes measurement tools that assess student skills and attitudes needed to excel within and beyond the classroom. These skills and attitudes translate into success not only in the workforce, but also in interpersonal relationships and individual experiences.
  • Includes instruments to assess a variety of factors that impact the successful functioning of a school, such as school processes, teaching and leadership capabilities, pedagogy and curriculum, and climate and culture.
  • Includes measurement tools to assess processes and resources within the home and across communities, such as parent-child interactions, parenting attitudes and beliefs, social capital, cultural capital, and non-school educational opportunities.